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Home Training  programs / plans

Home Training Plan for october 2010a.doc Home Training Plan for october 2010a.doc
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Health Screen Form, please print and bring to your first session 

Fitness Test results

trail blazing interval training.doc trail blazing interval training.doc
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Super strength set challenge.doc Super strength set challenge.doc
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3 triathlon workout.doc 3 triathlon workout.doc
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Fitness Testing helens nov 2010.doc Fitness Testing helens nov 2010.doc
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Running Programs From 


As with any training / fitness session consult with your physician before taking part in any exercise program.payments must be made prior to start of boxerfit and are none refundable.  Although they can be swapped to other sessions, providing there is a valid reason. If you fail to attend any sessions, they will be lost. Please give as much notice of any cancellation as possible, so we can arrange an alternative for you prior to booking.