What’s Boxerfit?

Boxerfit is the ultimate fitness session. Boxerfit trains you like the pros without taking the blows, incorporating cardio, strength, speed exercises and of course the ultimate boxing element using hand pads and punch bags. 

Turn on your fat burning fire and burn up to 600 calories in a 60 minute Boxerfit session - that's more calories than a spin class or your average runner. All this while watching your fitness level skyrocket!!

Boxerfit was established in 1994 and over the past 19 years has helped thousands of people achieve there fitness and weight loss goals, so we know it works. We're so confident you will improve your fitness, we guarantee it!! (terms and conditions apply). 

So if you’re looking for a fun fast paced fitness class that works... why not give us a try. 

Pound for pound we're the best around!

So what’s Boxerfit Bootcamp?

Boxerfit Bootcamp is a progressive team training program, moving you towards your fitness goals even quicker. Our Boxerfit Bootcamps run over five week blocks, with two sessions per week and a home training plan. Your first session incorporates a fitness test and discussion regarding your goals to ensure both improve. If your scores do not improve at the completion of your Boxerfit Bootcamp (and you have attended all your sessions), we will give you your money back! 

Boxerfit Bootcamps have been running since 2005, with some very impressive fitness test results like Alisha Thompson, taking 2min 22 secs off her 1.6km run time after 10 weeks. Other Booties improved their press up and sit up scores by an impressive 100%. Don’t believe us then check out our Facebook pages at the results are in black and white.  While you’re there, why not like us and be first to find out what’s going on with Boxerfit while becoming part of the Boxerfit team.

You won’t regret it!!



 Guaranteed results or your money back

"We can't be any fairer than that"

  Email:  or call/text Harry on: 0212 955 661

 As with any training / fitness session consult with your physician before taking part in any exercise program, payments must be made prior to start of bootcamp/boxerfit and are none refundable.  Although they can be swapped to other sessions, providing there is a valid reason.If you fail to attend any sessions, they will be lost. Please give as much notice of any cancellation as possible, so we can arrange an alternative for you prior to booking.