BOXERfit has been running since 1994 and has been a massive success story in both the UK and NZ. Boxerfit sessions running in the UK attracted over 140 participants at its bi-weekly flagship session at Temple Park Centre in the north of England. These sessions are still running today with huge numbers continuing to attend, even eighteen years later!

The Boxerfit brand continues to grow and is now successful in many centres throughout New Zealand.  

Our Christchurch BOXERfit BOOTCAMP in November 2011 reached amazing numbers, with 94 participants at its three week Christmas Quick Fix BOXERfit BOOTCAMP.  We believe it was the biggest BOOTCAMP in NZ!! What's more, our lunch time BOXERfit BOOTCAMP in Hornby attracted 30+ participants...


With numbers like this, why wouldn't you want to be a part of the BOXERfit BOOTCAMP brand!!!

 For Your 



Contact Harry on 021 295 5661

Become a BOXERfit BOOTCAMP Licencee 

and Get the Benefits of: 

  • In-house training - Boxerfit Trainer Courses - One-on-One and Advanced Trainer (2 x One day courses - refunded upon acceptance of BOXERFIT BOOTCAMP licence) and Free Boxerfit Bootcamp training to make you a successful BOXERfit BOOTCAMP TRAINER worth over $500

  • Proven Bootcamp training plans for full licence lifetime
  • Startup equipment (worth over $750) - top quality NZ Boxer gloves and hand pads

  •  Boxerfit Bootcamp advertising materiel such as business cards, posters and advertising leaflets (worth over $200)

  • Web site listing on www.boxerfit and personal email (worth over $500)

  • We will also provide you with your first set of clients (subject to a special offer)   

  • Full business backup and support 

  • Limited number licensees per area to maximize you’re earning potential 

Want to be part of the Boxerfit Bootcamp Brand, then fill in the Application form and give us a ring to book your place on our next Boxerfit Course. 

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